2 Classes: QiGong and Tai Chi (Wed)

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Qigong & Tai Chi

A 1-hour class that focusses on Qigong to develop the breathing and movement skills that cultivate Qi in the body for better health and well-being. These principles are then used to introduce the more complex movements found in Yang-style Tai Chi.

Suitable for complete Beginners and for those with some experience of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30 pm
Uxbridge - Community Centre
April 2019 (29 Apr - 22 May 2019)

The Tai Chi Form

An introduction to the Tai Chi form - Yang style: a long sequence of slow movements with controlled breathing, derived from ancient Chinese martial art practice.
This form is based on the classic Yang style of Cheng Man Ch'ing, but has been modified by one of his students, Dr Sam Lee. It emphasises the therapeutic, healing aspects of the form and makes it more accessible to people of all abilities.
This 30-minute class challenges and builds co-ordination, balance, strength and control.

Wednesday 9:30 - 10 pm
Uxbridge - Community Centre
April 2019 (29 Apr - 22 May 2019)

Available from January 2019

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Qigong & Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Form

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