Buttocks Breathing – A Meditation Preparation

Buttocks Breathing – A Meditation Preparation

Chinese Statue - Meditation
It can reduce back discomfort, promote virility, increase core and buttocks muscle tone ...
John Loupos

I have taken this from an article in Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts, vol 56, by John Loupos author of “Exploring Tai Chi” (view on Amazon)

Part of John’s personal routine for the past 40 years.

John claims that the routine can reduce back discomfort, promote virility, increase core and buttocks muscle tone, relaxing and energising. Contracting and relaxing your glutei will undoubtedly increase their strength and tone and will, in turn, provide more support to your lower back. Abdominal breathing and focussed attention are usual components of meditations.

It’s an interesting variation on the classic Microcosmic meditation and is, perhaps, more accessible.

Time required: 15 – 30 minutes.

For a shorter version: use 5 breaths for each stage instead of 10

Recommended either on waking or at night just before going to sleep.


Begin by breathing into your Dantien. Keep the breathing relaxed and use the intention of your mind to guide your breath in filling your lower abdomen. It should gently inflate with each in-breath. Hold your breath briefly. Then release slowly.

Repeat 10 times


Inhale and hold your breath briefly as in Step 1.

As you release, guide the breath, down to the perineum, up the inside of the spine, around the inside of the head, before exhaling out through the nose. Visualise the route of your breath as one continuous oval circuit – the “Microcosmic Orbit” or “Small Heavenly Circuit” (Fig 1).

Repeat 10 times


Prior to inhaling, focus attention on your right buttock.

Inhale to guide the breath down into your right buttock, contracting the buttock as you inhale.

Hold the contraction firmly, but without strain.

Release the contraction as you guide the breath around the oval circuit as per Step 2

Repeat 10 times

The Small Heavenly Circuit

Fig. 1 – The Microcosmic Orbit, or Small Heavenly Circuit


Repeat Step 3 but with the left buttock.

Repeat 10 times


Inhale and contract both buttocks so that they just lift your waist area. Release your breath as before.

Repeat 10 times


Repeat Step 1.

During these final 10 breaths compare the quality of your breath now with how your body felt at the start of the session.

Notice any improvements in the ease and fullness of each breath.

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