Qi Gong – News & Views

Here we cover news of Qi Gong in Health and Wellbeing, plus more details on different styles of Qi Gong and the philosophy that underpins the subject.

  • The 8-Step Tai Chi form - 8 reasons why it's especially suited to the physical and social limitations of the current situation.

  • The 8-Step Form is a compact, easy-to-learn routine with key moves from the longer forms. There is an elegance in its simplicity.

  • Part 2 of the Step-by-Step guide to our modified Yang-style Tai Chi Short Form, covering Repulse Monkey and Cloud Hands.

  • While both Tai Chi and Qigong have been gaining popularity, it is clear that there is considerable confusion and misunderstanding in the use of the two names. What's the difference?

  • Our form is derived from the classic Yang style form of Cheng Man-Ch'ing and modified by one of his students, Dr Sam Lee to emphasise the health benefits and make it more accessible.

  • Often known as the 8 Silk Brocades, Ba Duan Jin is a sequence of 8 exercises with an ancient heritage that stretches back 2,000 years. They focus on breathing and can be done standing or seated.