Whole Body Breathing

Experiencing the Body with the Breath

Whole Body Breathing

Whole Body Breathing - Meditation

Whole Body Breathing

Experiencing the body with the breath

You can use Whole Body Breathing as a meditation or as an aid to relaxation in any posture that is comfortable: sitting, standing, or lying down. For meditation I would recommend sitting or standing.

Whole body breathing helps to increase awareness of tensions within the the body and dissolve them, helps to focus the attention and relax the mind.


Focus your attention on your breathing. Keep it slow, relaxed and effortless. Notice the sensations in your nostrils as the air enters and then leaves.


Move your attention to your abdomen and notice it gently expand and contract as you breathe. Then notice your chest gently opening and rising as you breathe in, gently closing and sinking as you breathe out.


Now expand your attention to neighbouring areas of the body and see if you can feel them move slightly as you inhale and exhale. Purposefully, try to increase the places in your body that can feel a slight movement with each breath.


Keep working, slowly and patiently, expanding the area that moves slightly to include the whole body, from head to toe and out to the fingertips.

Keep the whole body comfortable and at ease. The amount of gentle movement will be slight, but noticeable. It is through relaxation that the entire body will be able to move with each breath.


Continue for as long as it feels good. If the mind wanders, just bring it back to the body and the breath. When you are ready to end the meditation, focus all your attention on the Lower Dantien  for a few moments, an inch or so below the belly button, to store the energy.

Repeat Daily.

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