Breathwork Results

Recording Your Results

Please keep a diary that records your results from the challenge.


Think of yourself as a curious scientist – record what you measure and observe without trying to guess what the results should be or what you might think I want them to be.

If you wear a wrist device that records heart-rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, sleep data and other health information, please let me know.

Use this form to submit your results if you would like them to be added to study’s findings – the more participants do this, the better the results and the more we learn from the study.

If you would like to complete the STAI and/or PANAS forms, use the buttons below, they only take a few minutes to complete – and if you do them before and after the breathing exercise you get instant feedback too.

Use the ‘Notes’ section at the end of the form to comment on any aspect of the study.

Breathwork Results Feedback Form

    Cyclic Sighing Exercise

    5-Minute Cyclic Sighing Completed?


    How Easy Was it to Maintain the Breathing Pattern?

    1-Very Easy2-Easy3-Not Easy4-DifficultNot Applicable

    Respiration Rate Before & After the Exercise

    Sleep Issues

    How Many Hours Sleep Did You Have Last Night?

    Did it take long to get to sleep?

    YesNoNot Applicable

    Did You Wake Once You Got to Sleep?

    YesNoNot Applicable



    I consent to this information being used purely for academic purposes:

    I understand the information on this form will be deleted by 30 April 2024: