Tai Chi – 10 Top Tips for Faster Learning

Tai Chi – 10 Top Tips for Faster Learning

Tai Chi - 10 Top Tips
At first, Tai Chi seems really difficult - it's just that 'at first' can last a long time

10 Top Tips for Faster Learning

At first, Tai Chi can seem overwhelmingly complicated, with feet, arms, hands, head all doing something different at the same time. It’s a bit like learning to drive but with patience and practice, the movements become almost automatic. To help with these early stages of learning here are some things to keep in mind.

  • 1

    Feet First

    Focus on getting the foot placement first and practice transferring your weight from one foot to the other as smoothly as you can

  • 2

    Soften the Knees

    The power to move comes from the legs as they straighten: push down through the soles of the feet

  • Take Care of Knees and Back

    Keep knees in line with hips and feet, tuck the tailbone under to keep tension out of your low back

  • 4

    Move From the Waist

    Start all your movements from your waist and allow all of the body to move together. Turn from your centreline like a revolving door

  • First Steps

    Practice basic stepping, stepping sideways and stepping to the left and right. Work on balancing in the T-stance before stepping to the sides

  • 6

    Soften the Shoulders

    Soften the shoulders, let the elbows feel heavy, relax the wrists and fingers. Shoulders stay down even when the arms lift

  • 7

    Work Gradually

    Work on one posture until you have it secure then work on the transition to the next

  • 8

    Build Body Awareness

    As you execute the moves, be aware of how your body feels and look for areas of tension and moments of imbalance

  • 9

    Still Breathing?

    Pay attention to your breathing and to your posture even when you are not doing Tai Chi.

  • 10

    Stay Relaxed - Enjoy It!

    Stay relaxed and enjoy your practice, results will come with regular practice and lots of patience

Inspired to Try Tai Chi?

We currently offer 3 online Tai Chi classes. Beginners are welcome to join any of the classes, but Tuesday at 10 am is targeted particularly at the needs of the beginner.

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